The National KE-CIRT/CC

Tel Hotlines: +254-703-042700, +254-730-172700

National CIRT Services

National KE-CIRT/CC Services

1. Reactive Services (Incident Response and Coordination)

Incident Triage

  • Determining whether an incident is authentic.
  • Assessing and prioritizing the incident.

Incident Coordination

  • Determining the involved organizations.
  • Contacting the relevant organizations to investigate the incident and take the appropriate steps.
  • Facilitating contact to other parties which can help resolve the incident.
  • Sending reports to constituencies and other (national) CIRTs.

Incident Resolution

  • Advising local security teams on appropriate actions.
  • Following up on the progress of the concerned local security teams.
  • Reporting back.

The National KE-CIRT/CC also collects national statistics about cyber incidents.

2. Proactive Activities (Technical Advisory and Capacity Building)

  • Raising security awareness nationally.
  • Collecting contact information of local cybersecurity teams.
  • Publishing announcements concerning serious cybersecurity threats.
  • Observing current trends in technology and distributing relevant knowledge to the constituency.
  • Providing results for community building and information exchange within the constituency.
  • Technical research and development.
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