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National KE-CIRT/CC Cybersecurity Best Practice Guide of the Week


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Pharming is yet another way hackers attempt to manipulate users on the Internet. While phishing attempts to capture personal information by getting users to visit a fake website, pharming redirects users to false websites without them even knowing it.

Pharming is a scamming practice in which malicious code is installed on a personal computer or server, misdirecting users to fraudulent Web sites without their knowledge or consent.

Precautions that can be taken to prevent Pharming

*        Better Antivirus software: Install an antivirus program on your Windows PC that does the right job for you. It is a good practice to buy an anti-virus system from a trusted security software provider to reduce your exposure to pharming scams.

*        Keep your computer updated: Get into the habit of downloading the latest security updates (or patches) for your Web browser and operating system to stay protected. Use a good secure web browser always.

*        Double-check the spelling of a website: In most cases, it is observed that the attacker obscures the actual URL by overlaying a legitimate looking address or by using a similarly spelled URL. So, always check the Web browser’s address bar to make sure the spelling is correct.

*        Check URL: Check the URL of any site that asks you to provide personal information. Make sure your session begins at the known authentic address of the site, with no additional characters appended to it. But it is important to remember that your browser may display the legitimate URL, but you will not be on the legitimate server.

*        Look for PadLock: A locked padlock, or a key, indicates a secure, encrypted connection and an unlocked padlock, or a broken key, indicates an unsecured connection. So, always look for a padlock or key on the bottom of your browser or your computer taskbar.

Have the above security tips in mind when operating your computer systems. Report any cybercrime incident/activity to /

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