National KE-CIRT/CC Cybersecurity Best Practice Guide of the Week




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*        ATM skimmers













ATM skimmers are devices that criminals place over or on ATM machines to steal your card information, including your personal identification number (PIN).


Protecting Yourself

* Choose ATMs wisely – look for ATMs within bank perimeters, well lightened, and/or on busy streets. If possible, try to always use the same ATM, since it will be easier to identify abnormalities.

* Hide your pin – Some skimmers record you entering your password. Covering the keypad and your hand while inserting your pin can help you prevent the criminals from getting your information.

* Look for abnormalities - Most skimmers have to attach their skimming machine over the real ATM using simple adhesives since they often have to quickly remove the device. Check the machine to see if the input device wobbles or seems unattached. If it is, use another machine. Also look for out-of-place cameras and keypad overlays that can capture your PIN.

* Report the abnormalities – Report any abnormalities that occur during your transactions with the ATM.

* Check your accounts regularly - To decrease the chances of cyber-criminals running away with all your money, check your accounts regularly and immediately follow up on any suspicious activities.

Have the above security tips in mind when operating your computer systems. Report any cybercrime incident/activity to /