National KE-CIRT/CC Cybersecurity Best Practice Guide of the Week




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*        Protecting Portable Devices












Portable devices such as laptops are particularly vulnerable to theft, loss, and resale, and should be properly secured with a lock. Most laptops and desktop computers have built-in slots made to connect with a cable lock which are available at most computer stores.

Recommendations for physical security are the same for all devices, particularly smaller devices like laptops, hard disks, smartphones, music players, and flash drives.





*        Never leave your laptop or small device unattended, even for a moment, even in your office. Most laptops are stolen from their owner's office, while the owner is at a quick break or meeting.

*        If you must leave your laptop in a car, stow your bag in the trunk before you reach your destination, so potential thieves don't see you doing so. Make sure your car is locked.

*        Use a low-key shoulder bag, briefcase, or backpack for your laptop.

*        Do not leave portable electronic equipment unattended when traveling. 

*        If you are going out for coffee or lunch, lock your gear in a desk or an office that can be locked. Or, at least purchase and use a laptop cable lock.

*        When traveling by air, bring the portable IT equipment with you on the airplane as a carry-on.  Do not place it in checked luggage.

*        All computers should be set to require a user password to log on to the computer.

*        Configure your Macintosh or Windows screensaver to require a password.

*        Regularly review people who have key, swipe, PIN card access to your work area.

*        Change PINs regularly, and remove unneeded access privileges when people leave their positions.

*        Regularly review people who have key, swipe, PIN card access to your work area.

*        If your device is lost, report it immediately to your carrier or organization. Some devices allow the data to be erased remotely.

*        Back up your files

Have the above security tips in mind when operating your computer systems. Report any cybercrime incident/activity

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