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National KE-CIRT/CC Cybersecurity Best Practice Guide of The Week


Second Hand Devices-Risks



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*    Second Hand Devices-Risks












The market for used smartphones and tablets offers opportunities for both buyers and sellers. But there are risks as well to individuals and companies. Recycling is generally a good thing. But it may not be such a good thing when it comes to digital devices – smartphones, tablets and laptops. There are security risks – both to individuals and enterprises – to buying and selling used devices, even when they have been reset or “wiped,” to clear the memory, eliminate apps and return them to original factory settings.

Security experts advise that buyers should be aware that even doing all the recommended “refurbishing” measures may not eliminate Trojans or malicious software, which can remain on a device at the root level. And sellers should be aware that their personal or corporate information may remain on devices that they put up for sale, be used to threaten them or defame them.

Buying or selling a used smart phone? Here are some quick tips:


* Choose a reputable seller

* Look for signs the device may be stolen

* If buying from a business, be aware of your rights


* Do a factory reset or even better, a full disk encryption

* Remove the all accounts from the device

* Remove SIM and external SD cards

* Think about passing the device on to a family member


Have the above guuide in mind while purchasing second hand devices. Report any cybercrime incident/activity to /