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ITU-D Global Cybersecurity Index 2017

by | 20th June 2017

The Global Cybersecurity Index (CGI) 2017 report was released on 15th June 2017 at the World Summit on the Information Society Forum 2017 in Geneva.

The Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) is a multi-stakeholder initiative to measure the commitment of countries to cybersecurity. Each country’s level of development will therefore be analyzed within five categories: Legal Measures, Technical Measures, Organizational Measures, Capacity Building and Cooperation.

Kenya, ranked third in Africa, was praised for exemplifying cooperation through its National Kenya Computer Incident Response Team – Coordination Centre (National KE-CIRT/CC). The National CIRT was also recognized for coordinating at national, regional and global levels with a range of actors. Nationally, this includes ISPs, the financial and educational sectors; regionally it works with other CIRTs through the East African Communications Organization (EACO); and internationally it liaises with ITU, FIRST, and bi-laterally with the United States and Japan CIRTs among others.

Kenya followed Mauritius and Rwanda which were ranked first and second respectively. Globally, Kenya was ranked 45th having been recognized alongside Germany for having a commendable cybersecurity research and development program in the Kenya Education Network (KENET). KENET is the computer emergency response team (CERT) for the academic community and the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of Kenya.

Find the full report on the 2017 ITU-D Global Cybersecurity Index here.


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