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National Cybersecurity Strategy 2014

Cyberspace is more than just the Internet and information and communications technology (ICT). It is a domain similar to the domains of land, air, sea, and space, but with its own distinct characteristics and challenges. The cyber domain is characterized by the digital storage, modification, and exchange of data via networked systems and supported by critical information infrastructures. It has national and international dimensions that include industry, commerce, intellectual property, security, technology, culture, policy, and diplomacy. As such, cyberspace plays a critical role in the global economy.


Similar to other nations with a robust ICT infrastructure, Kenya’s conducts its social, economic and national security activities in this digital, interconnected environment. For example, the Government of Kenya relies on common infrastructure, information technology (IT) platforms, and new technologies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government services. One of the main priorities of the Government of Kenya towards the realization of national development goals and objectives for wealth and employment creation, as stipulated in the Kenya Vision 2030, is to achieve an e-Government capability. At the same time, the development, implementation, and adoption of technologies such as mobile computing, mobile banking, and broadband communications enables Kenyans to connect with a speed and ease—unthinkable only five years ago.


However, these same technologies can present new risks that can cause widespread damage to national security, economic growth, and critical infrastructures. Moreover, the reach and impact of cyberspace is accelerating across the national and international boundaries, making it a complex challenge for any government to address alone. For this reason, the Government of Kenya considers securing its national cyberspace a national priority to continue to facilitate economic growth for the country and its citizens.


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